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I’m in Windows 10... And now?


After Windows 10 launched the last summer, doubts have been appeared both from people that upgraded as well as the ones that not.

The new Windows 10 have new functionalities as security improvements, new browsers (Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11) and new ways to deployment that give users a better protection and an automatically updating, but, which is the lifecycle of the product and their updates? How can you manage the difficulties between applications and Windows 10?

In this seminar, Windows 10 lifecycle will be exposed at the same time that its updates. In addition NexTReT will show you their solution to manage applications in Windows 10 keeping in mind its technological obsolescence.


10:00     Welcome and presentation

10:15     Windows 10 news

11:00     Life cycle and App management

11:45     Questions

12:00     End of seminar


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


NexTReT Barcelona

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