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Single Sign On for Web Applications


Single Sign On (SSO) is a unique identify system that allows users the access capacity to different systems and applications with an unique request form. Without this system, user experience is worse and it might appear the maintenance necessity for all different identity directories.

In this seminar, we will explain you the mainly features of identity providers, ADFS and Shibboleth, in order to protect your applications. In this context, a practical case will demonstrate you how it work with both suppliers to obtain SSO between applications and other cloud services.


09:45     Credentials, coffee and networking

10:00     Welcome and presentation

10:15     Identity Overview based in claims

10:30     ADFS and Shibboleth IdP features

10:45     Functionalities of Shibboleth SP, SimpleSamlPhp and Windows Identity

11:00     SSO practical case with Shibboleth, ADFS i and other technologies

12:00     Q&A and end of seminar


09:45 - 12:00h

Date & Location


NexTReT Barcelona

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