Digital transformation, collaboration and productivity

Your guide in transitioning and adopting digital transformation

Digital transformation, collaboration and productivity

Your guide in transitioning and adopting digital transformation

We help you in the digital transformation

We help companies and, above all, people, in this continuous process. We are a Partner that guides the transition and adoption of these new ways of working to make it as friendly as possible.

We have certified professionals with extensive experience in each of the procedures and tools that we implement.

Intranet and collaboration spaces

Provide tools to encourage teamwork

Today’s organizations need optimized collaboration spaces, places where they can have a single point of communication and that allow them to make the most of the capabilities of their workers with solutions that fit the needs of their business.

NexTReT accompanies its clients in the study to design and implement the necessary tools for an efficient management of the company’s knowledge, simplify the way in which people collaborate, find and share information and thus make the best decisions.

To carry out this type of project we work with Microsoft 365 and its suite of products such as SharePoint Online, Teams, Planner, PowerPlatform, Yammer, etc. Collaboration tools that will allow you to implement high productivity and communication environments such as Intranets, intelligent process management tools, document management systems and integrated collaboration environments throughout the suite.

Document management

We implement document management systems based on products, tools and methodologies

Which allow organizations to build a complete management strategy for the life cycle of their digital content, from creation, classification, storage, recovery and distribution, to custody, security and authentication. Facilitating collaboration, communication and sharing of information among its employees and at the same time improving the performance and efficiency of the company, applying principles of rationalization and economy and complying with the policies defined in accordance with current regulations on security and protection of information.


We accompany companies in the adoption of electronic administration, implementing solutions for the digitization of work processes, providing them with greater agility, dynamism, efficiency and flexibility, to adapt them to the changing needs of the business.

These solutions contemplate the possibility of integration with the different information systems of the company, facilitating the exchange of data between them, with a comprehensive and centralized management of the entire business flow.

Electronic signature

Within the philosophy of paperless and the digital transformation that many organizations are carrying out, is the management of the digital signature, which allows companies, workers and people to communicate in the management of agreements, their signature and the legal validity of these, integrating these systems in document management if necessary.

NexTReT helps its clients in the digital transformation by implementing and accompanying the adoption of the different digital signature tools on the market, specifically, with Adobe Sign and Validated ID, reference products in the market that allow the digital signature to be carried out with the different levels of security required by European laws for their legal validity.

From NexTReT we help you implement these tools and integrate them into your systems quickly and efficiently, as well as accompanying our clients in a rapid adoption for their use and developing integrations with the different corporate document systems or in the process automation itself, integrating the digital signature as one more step in the approval of proposals, agreements, etc.

Web Portal

We design, develop, migrate and maintain your web portal


Our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the design, layout and development of web portals.

Together we will choose the option that best suits your needs, both for development and integration.

We will create a portal with the maximum benefits for attracting and converting customers.

We integrate all kinds of CMS solutions or we design and build the option that best suits your needs, incorporating other social and collaborative skills (blogs, forums, chats, etc.) or advertising.

Development of applications and Apps

Productivity and mobility in a single tool


Our solutions include the design and construction of applications to meet the business needs of your area or department.

We have both the technological and functional experience and knowledge to adequately execute any phase of the life cycle of a development project, from technological consulting, design and construction to its exploitation, data migration, commissioning and execution of evolutionary or corrective.

Change management

Get to know the Prosci Methodology


In the age of digital transformation, drastic change is the new norm and benchmark companies are already reaping the rewards of such digital transformation. This digital transformation enables organizations to attract top talent, empower employees, and deliver innovative products and services, all with streamlined operations focused on extraordinary customer experiences.

Modern business applications drive improvements in data integrity that enable better and faster decisions and more effective actions. For organizations embracing digital transformation as a business strategy, the results are market differentiation and competitive advantage.

For many organizations, the prospect of embracing digital transformation is daunting. Consumers have seen huge improvements in digital products and lifestyle technologies in recent years, but most businesses have taken longer to change. That is why NexTReT, based on the best practices of PROSCI, has developed an adoption guide to implement in your projects.

The compilation of this easy-to-follow how-to guide will guide our client, step by step, through the best way to implement projects. The insights we share come from our most successful experiences, which have maximized the power of the investment made, by adopting multiple technologies.


This stage is critical to the journey, as it establishes business objectives to measure success.

  • Gather your team
  • Define the business strategy
  • Determine readiness

To incorporate

In this phase you work with the main stakeholders to create and launch your adoption plan. The environment is prepared and your adoption approach is tested with the first users.

  • Comments are used to make adjustments before escalating to the company.
  • The adoption plan is created.
  • It is released for the first users.
  • The plan is adjusted.

Generate Value

Full-scale implementation and business success depend on usage and satisfaction. This requires planning through the Conceive and Incorporate phases, as well as ongoing operational excellence.

  • Monitor end user adoption
  • Measure and report usage
  • Encourage ongoing engagement

Success story