Digital experience monitoring
and APM

Digital experience monitoring and APM

Monitoring the WiFi experience: Witch Monitor

Ensure the best Wi-Fi connection for your end users

It is becoming more and more common to find places that allow the user to connect to their Wi-Fi network. Although sometimes, for different reasons, such as the number of people connected to the same network, the distance or the interference make it difficult for the connection to be satisfactory.

What is it?

Witch Monitor is a solution that monitors Wi-Fi services and evaluates the quality of service offered to end users in real time through independent devices connected to the same network. Through a dashboard with the main parameters evaluated and with totally objective Wi-Fi effectiveness rates, you will know the user experience of your end users.

How does it work?

A test system, made up of several autonomous hardware devices, are continuously connected to Hotspots (Internet access points) to carry out functional tests with the aim of simulating and knowing the real user experience connect to the Wi-Fi network.

All the data collected is displayed in a single dashboard where you can make comparisons with historical data and trend analysis. In case of connection failures, it allows to identify their cause (points, parameters of the Wi-Fi network and elements of the network) and in case of complaints, check the user’s quality of service data in real time.

In addition, all the information, processed and hosted in the cloud, can be consulted from anywhere in real time. The solution itself will help you improve the user experience, alerting you to the detection of anomalies in real time that you can resolve instantly.

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Web and mobile monitoring

Know, discover and improve the availability of your applications


Application experience monitoring, simulating real users and with access to automated applications and services through our own synthetic transaction technology (with probes or robots).

Application Status Monitor (ASM) is the solution developed by NexTReT for monitoring web applications with synthetic transaction technology. This solution is offered as a managed service and enables the automation of complex multi-step navigations in web applications with fixed or transactional content. ISM alerts you to application availability issues in production environments and provides valuable performance information. Its operation is based on standard web browsers and Windows operating systems, thus faithfully reproducing the real experience of users.

Mobile Application Status Monitor (MASM) is the solution developed by NexTReT for monitoring mobile applications (apps) with synthetic transaction technology.

This solution automates the navigation and use of applications on mobile devices in order to monitor their availability and performance in productive environments. Provides detailed information in the event of an error. Available for Android and IO environments.

Monitoring the
digital experience

Aternity is the solution that allows knowing the experience of employees in the workplace, thanks to the analysis of applications, transactions, devices and users. Aternity’s AI-powered self-healing visibility and control helps IT teams optimize business application performance to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction, mitigate IT transformation risk, and reduce the cost of IT operations.