Virtual Data Center:

Infrastructure as a Service

Virtual Data Center: Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Complete, efficient and personalized technological solution.

Virtual Data Centre is a model for rapid provisioning of compute and storage resources. It enables organizations to effectively manage networks, security, monitoring and other processes without the need for physical infrastructures.

Use cases

Development teams

Having the development platform in the cloud covers all the needs of the project, be it a mobile app, a web application or more complex cases. They are fully customizable environments from which to keep an exhaustive control of versions and costs.

Operations teams

If your team is flexible and always available, even 24×7, then your infrastructure is too. Provide your team with the best tools so that they can dedicate themselves to adding value to your business and that they can continue to grow without the need to make investments. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!

DevOps teams

Minimize application deployment time. Define your Data centre by Code. Give control in an orderly manner to Developers, to allow a quick start-up of your business solutions, allowing greater agility in version changes and new business requirements.

Obsolete environments

If you have obsolete environments, isolate them in a virtual data centre and make them independent of the hardware to minimize impacts and gain redundancy.

Marketing / communication teams

Get your corporate web portals up and running quickly, easily and securely with a trusted Partner. Bring your environments into production with a few clicks and let us take care of and monitor your environment.