Cloud Campus Wi-Fi

Artificial intelligence in the management of WiFi networks

Cloud Campus Wi-Fi

Artificial intelligence in the management of WiFi networks

The Cloud Campus WiFi solution will allow you to adapt to the different environments of each sector and achieve digital transformation.

The increase in the number of computers and devices that connect to the Wi-Fi network of companies have exponentially increased their use, the density of users and, as a consequence, the dedication of the IT team to improve security, control access and manage devices.

The Cloud Campus WiFi solution solves all these problems in an agile and simple way, reducing maintenance and improving the control and management of corporate networks.

The high level of user concurrency is a significant challenge for corporate networks. Cloud Campus WiFi, the high-density WiFi solution, offers customizable network layouts and is compatible with WiFi5 and WiFi 6, meeting the current and future needs of heavy-use scenarios to meet this challenge. In addition, it offers an optimal service experience and various value-added services such as heat maps and real-time user management, from a Cloud platform in a pay-per-use mode.

Cloud Campus WiFi, being compatible with WiFi 6, allows you to create long-lasting networks that provide services automatically, detect failures predictively, continuously guarantee an optimal user experience and intelligently discover threats throughout the network.


  • Scalable: For the highest density wireless environments and when conditions are intense, you can expand your AP network with a single click, without the bottlenecks of hardware drivers.

  • Simple: All users and permissions can be managed from a single control panel. The APs that are deployed in different branches can be managed from the central office.

  • Secure: The information travels between the AP and the encrypted cloud platform and with the SSH protocol. NexTReT includes a next-generation firewall; performs content filtering and anti-DDoS. Restrictions, security policies, wireless settings, etc. can be implemented, all from the cloud console.

  • Pay per use: You do not need any investment in the controller, it is all in the cloud and you only pay the daily license for the number of devices you connect, APs, Switches, Firewalls.

  • Wi-Fi 6: Cloud Campus Wi-Fi is ready to work with Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6, IoT and 5G technologies.

Use cases

Distributed Wi-Fi

  • Exceptional Performance: Distributed 3-Layer Architecture Enhances Wireless Performance
  • Simplified management: Remote Units (RU) are plug-and-play, reducing management nodes by 90% +

  • Optimal coverage: Remote Units (RU) are placed inside to provide hole-free signal coverage

High-density Wi-Fi

  • Specially tailored: tailored products to meet specific service scenarios
  • High performance: Directional coverage mitigates interference and improves performance
  • Easy planning: professional tools enable highly efficient and accurate network planning

Wi-Fi IoT convergence

  • Co-site: converged deployment of IoT and Wi-Fi networks
  • Co-backhaul: IoT and Wi-Fi data transmitted over a network
  • Easy expansion: support for multiple protocols (Bluetooth, RFID and ZigBee)