Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Protect your company data, making backup copies

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Protect your company data, making backup copies

NexTReT Backup Services

NexTReT Backup services will allow you to make backup copies of your company data with a combination of services that go from having an On-prem Backup to a Backup Vaulting hosted in our DCP.


We deployed a Huawei-Veeam Backup Appliance to perform a first backup in your company quickly and efficiently.

Renew and improve your Backup infrastructure without the need for initial investment and in service mode. Comply with the regulations that your business requires.

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Take a backup copy outside your organization and store it in our Data Center through encrypted communications. In this way, you will be protected against possible material damage that could occur in your company and that could affect the most sensitive information. There must be a first backup of the organization in VEEAM format.

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Service that includes the On-prem Backup service and Backup Vaulting in pay-per-use mode. Your opportunity to renew and restructure the Backup process of your organization without heavy investments and in the form of service.

We operate and monitor the Backup infrastructure with our 24×7 support service in all services.


  • Huawei-Veeam Infrastructure
  • DCP Tier III. 24×7 monitoring
  • The service includes: 4 TB frontend information, 4 Full synthetics and daily incremental and 30 days of retention
  • Information retrieval from anywhere and at any time
  • Backing up information outside of your company to prepare for a disaster
  • Keeping your information outside your company is much safer and cheaper than keeping it locally
  • We convert a Backup project into a “Pay as you go” service.
  • We comply with the certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001
  • Only the owner of the data has access to it
  • Protect your information from any risk