Datacenter Solutions

Optimize the efficiency of your technology
systems with reliable, high-performance solutions

Datecenter Solutions

Optimize the efficiency of your technology systems with reliable, high-performance solutions

Microsoft Traditional Infrastructure

Secure your business applications

We are specialists in optimizing the use, performance and efficiency of the technology you need to provide your services to the entire organization. Our experience allows us to identify, design and implement traditional IT infrastructure solutions that bring agility, reliability and scalability to your company, achieving optimized workflows and greater competitive advantages that will allow you to focus your attention on innovation and growth, instead infrastructure maintenance.

Our technical expertise will guide and help you in the implementation and evolution of all your basic technology in Microsoft environments:

Updating, Sanitation and Consolidation Services of your Active Directory, System Centre or Exchange among others.

Take advantage of our know-how to benefit from a proven approach and practical advice on IT and infrastructure solutions that maximize investment, reducing operating costs while increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

Infrastructure and Virtualization

Services to optimize the use, performance, and efficiency of core technology while reducing physical infrastructure costs

NexTReT masters the relevant technologies in the virtualization market and is the best advisor to guide you on the platform that brings the most benefits and the best ROI to your organization. Ensure greater cost savings (licensing, hardware maintenance, electricity, etc.), greater security and efficiency of your Data Center environment and bet on a more efficient management of the workplace with VDI solutions.

As partners of the main manufacturers and with an objective and independent vision, we are able to offer you the solution that best suits the needs of each project.

We are committed to adapting the solutions to the client’s needs through convergent or hyper-convergent approaches as appropriate in each case.

Do you know what solution best suits your company?

The service Workplace Assessment will provide you with the answers to implement the best workstation solution in your current scenario, be it physical or Virtual

Datacenter Infraestructure

We provide the necessary elements of computing, connectivity and Storage so that the client’s on-prem environments can deploy their business applications.

  • IT Solutions: Servers, Storage and Cloud

  • IP Solutions: Communications and Wi-Fi

We are Partners of Huawei, HP and Cisco for the provision of DCP Infrastructures.

We have a powerful cloud communications management solution for MSP’s and end customers as a Service, the result of our collaboration with Huawei.