VSOC (Virtual Security Operations Centre)

VSOC (Virtual Security Operations Centre)

spidernext is a cyber defence platform in Virtual SOC format, based on the web that allows you to centrally monitor and manage the security of your organization in real time.

It is the only SOC (Security Operations Center) on the market that integrates the ability to identify a possible cyber attack before it occurs, retrieve intelligence information and detect attacks on the reputation of an organization.

It is a cyber defense platform based on a Virtual SOC (Security Operations Center), which goes beyond the correlation of security events, incorporates a powerful search engine based on Artificial Intelligence, whose main function is to identify key information, linked to the assets that users add to the platform, assessing it, analyzing it and classifying it according to its value and the level of risk it represents.

Finally, send personalized alerts according to the degree of criticality and provide a platform to generate reports and manage data in real time. This provides the ability to identify events that may affect security, including a potential cyberattack before it occurs, retrieve intelligence information, and detect attacks on an organization’s reputation.

VSOC spidernext: Integration and modularity

Spidernext allows bi-directional integration, this means that you can easily integrate other security products and solutions and it also allows easy integration of spidernext into other solutions, receiving alerts and security events, and on the other hand it also allows to send events to other solutions allowing an automation of the response to possible incidents.

The spidernext solution is fully modular, it adapts to the specific needs of the organization, from small organizations to large corporations. You can hire only the modules you need according to the current needs of your organization. It is possible to only contract the necessary modules according to the requirements of each organization.

  • Monitoring the security of systems and assets.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DPL) detection.

  • Detecting attacks against reputation and public image.

  • Intelligence information indentification.

  • Analysis and monitoring of infrastructure vulnerabilities (Equipment, applications and services).

  • Alerts centralizations from Firewalls, WAF, electronics and network devices.

  • Centralization of alerts from security tools (Antimalware, EPPS, EDR, Antispam, DLP, WAF, SIEM, IPS / IDS, etc.).

  • Endpoint security posture monitoring and hardening.

  • Security incident management.

  • Automated generation of metrics, KPIs, reports and graphs.

  • The most cost-effective VSOC to implement thanks to its modularity and scalability.

  • Phishing simulation campaign.

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