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Industrial Cybersecurity / oT Industrial / oT Health / IoT

As traditional industrial systems and operational technology (OT) become mainstream, cyberthreats unique to this sector pose a significant danger to the industry. Cyberattacks can damage not only production, but also image and reputation.

We help our clients with industrial Cybersecurity solutions and services adapted to the rise of interconnected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) in industry 4.0, incorporating high-value and specialized solutions to cover Cybersecurity in industrial OT environments and protection of Internet of Things (IoT – Internet of Things) devices.

OT and IoT perimeter protection

We have a comprehensive solution to effectively respond to IT and OT threats. By integrating multi-layer protection for your production systems without any negative impact on your operations. This intrusion prevention system combines protocol analysis and a comprehensive signature database to proactively defend against attacks and provide true zero-day protection. With built-in industrial protocol analysis tools, this technology ensures an impenetrable first line of defence for your production environment.

Adaptive digital defence for OT environments

We have a software-based solution that enables oT organizations to get full, real-time visibility of all assets connected to oT and IT networks.

Through non-intrusive techniques and a modular approach, the organization can achieve a centralized view of its network assets and establish the importance of these to determine the appropriate security controls and ensure zero impact on uptime.

Control and surveillance of access to closed or proprietary industrial environments

We offer a solution that provides a secure and robustly verified connection between the user and corporate systems, continuously monitoring the behaviour of the connection.

This solution offers

  • Continuous and real-time profiling

    • The profiling of the equipment is achieved automatically in the connection (SW of the equipment and its characteristics) and is continuous, which allows to find out the security posture of the device
  • Secure channel

    • Communication via an encrypted channel
  • Robust verification

    • User authentication against LDAP, AD etc. and allows 2FA
  • Policy engine: access based on:

    • User access permissions associated with their identity
    • Team safety posture
    • Connection schedule etc.
  • Surveillance between the user and the system

    • Monitor traffic and behaviour between the user and the system

Anti-malware protection for sandbox environments

You are concerned about implementing antimalware systems in OT environments, factories, power plants, or other industrial environments, which use TCP / IP, SCADA, Modbus, or other protocols. Or you simply need to have an antimalware tool available on sensitive healthcare equipment (blood pumps, ventilators, and others). We understand this concern and that is why we have incorporated highly specialized products to our catalog so that you can implement powerful protection tools in these environments.

For example, you can disable active scanning probes entirely and simply rely on passive network listening on an OT network. Or you can use passive listening plus ICMP and SNMP active scan probes, but DO NOT use TCP connection scans because you are concerned about destabilizing certain types of control units that use IP and the SCADA protocol. These are just examples. The important thing is that you have the ability to mix and match a wide variety of passive network listening and scanning techniques to discover what is connected, where and how you communicate.