Data Security

Adequate level of security and data protection

Data Security

Adequate level of security and data protection

Today, all organizations face an increasingly complex series of challenges when it comes to managing the security and protection of one of their most valuable assets, their data.

We have extensive experience and highly specialized products to achieve an adequate level of security and data protection.

Access control solutions

We offer network access control (NAC) solutions, which allow you to identify and recognize 100% of the assets connected to your network in real time, provide complete visibility from the quantification and qualification of assets in wired networks, Wi-Fi and VPN.

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Audit, Compliance and Data Governance Solutions

Organizations constantly and through internal and external users, automated systems, etc. they are generating data. The volume of this data is growing exponentially, and organizations need tools to implement data governance policies that address compliance needs, reduce the risk of exposure, and can be implemented quickly and easily.

Using more than 40 data collectors (Data Collectors), the tool collects information from Windows servers, NetApp cabinets, workstations, Active Directory, Exchange, BlackBerry, Share Point, SQL, etc … Once the data is collected, it is they can view the results in customizable reports, use Analysis modules to interact with the data, and even make changes easily.

Privileged user management and control solutions (PAM)

Users with privileged accounts pose a significant risk since security and IT areas usually cannot obtain complete visibility of their activities and if during an attack one of these accounts is compromised, the impact on the organization’s security can be critical.

We implement tools to protect, control and audit the activities and access of privileged users (PAM), which allow us to protect and audit the activities of privileged users based on their activities.

The tools provide:

  • Temporary privileged accounts
  • Certified access
  • Recording and playback of privileged user sessions
  • Delegated administration
  • DirectConnect sessions
  • Credential management
  • Smart card authentication and federation
  • Real-time service account management

File activity monitoring solutions

File activity monitoring solutions for Windows file servers and NAS devices (NetApp, EMC, Hitachi). Solutions designed to provide users with:

  • The ability to collect all or specific activity from files for specific values or combinations of values.
  • A clean and simple user interface to view the results of the queries executed against the data.
  • The ability to feed file activity data to alternative technologies such as SIEM and / or export data in formats that are easy to understand.
  • Collect up to 17 different types of events in files and folders and in any field. With simplified data collection, you will not only get the details of each event, but at a fraction of the size compared to native event logs.