Comprehensive Security Technical Office

Comprehensive Security Technical Office

The OTSI or “Comprehensive Security Technical Office” offers our clients the possibility of having a team of specialists in Cybersecurity and compliance at their disposal, whose primary objective will be to ensure that the organization achieves and maintains an adequate level of security.

It comprehensively covers cybersecurity needs so that organizations can be protected against computer crimes and receive technical and legal support in the event of an incident of these characteristics.

Services covered by the Comprehensive Security Technical Office (OTSI):

Specialist support (CISO as a Service)

  • Support in the formulation of the cybersecurity strategy
  • Development and implementation of security policies and procedures
  • Technical support in projects for the adaptation of facilities or physical spaces
  • Cybersecurity Consulting

Intervention of specialist technicians

  • Security analysis and periodic reviews of applications and systems
  • Carrying out projects for the implementation of cybersecurity technologies
  • Support, intervention and monitoring of vulnerability remediation actions
  • Support, intervention and monitoring of actions aimed at preventing incidents
  • Support, intervention and monitoring of actions aimed at detecting attacks
  • Technical support in migration projects and / or start-up of new services
  • Monitoring of critical information systems, alerts and incident management

Legal support

  • Support in legal and regulatory compliance
  • ENS (National Security).
  • Appropriateness ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 27035, NIST, PCI-DSS, SOX, GxP. HIPAA

Computer crime support

  • Support to the organization through forensic computer experts
  • Computer expert opinions
  • Acquisition of evidence and its custody
  • Lawyer support
  • Court appearances

Training / Awareness

  • Training actions for staff
  • Regular supply of awareness pills
  • Notification of trends in attacks and prevention
  • Attack and phishing simulation

Prevention is the basis of security, continuous interventions are carried out to implement adequate cybersecurity technologies and fortify systems in order to prevent incidents that can endanger the security of the company and that of its data.

The extensive accumulated experience, together with the extensive knowledge of our technicians, allow us to offer security services adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

Our experts will not only offer their support and consulting services, but will also be able to implement the necessary cybersecurity solutions in your company to avoid any problems and cybercrime.