Automated pentesting

Networks, users, devices, and applications are constantly changing, exposing vulnerabilities as a result, frequent penetration testing is critical. We have a product that allows you to validate your cybersecurity posture on a daily basis to keep your guard up at all times. It allows testing the organization’s infrastructure using exploits based on infrastructure vulnerabilities, to report prioritized weaknesses according to threats and real achievements obtained from penetration tests performed automatically.

What the solution offers:

  • No agents: Zero installations or configurations in the infrastructure.
  • Automatic: Press “Play” and the penetration test automatically begins.
  • Exploits without affecting production: Like a hacker, real exploits are used without interrupting the service.
  • Consistent execution: Retest and validate the corrective actions taken.
  • Attack vector visibility: See each step in the attack vector to understand the hacker’s vision.
  • Prioritized remediation: Get a packed and clear summary of the remediation steps to take
  • Hacking techniques used: Be sure the latest hacking techniques are put to the test
  • 24/7: Perform penetration testing every day, week, or whenever something changes in your infrastructure.