Audits and risk analysis

Get an optimal level of security

Audits and risk analysis

Get an optimal level of security

Get an optimal level of security

Risk audits or analysis are very important tools to achieve an optimal level of security in organizations.

We offer a wide range of specialized services related to risk and vulnerability analysis.

Comprehensive information security audits

The main objective of these audits is to produce a photo of the current state of the organization’s security, based on a Comprehensive security analysis. Understanding as comprehensive analysis of security: the analysis and assessment of the level of real implementation of policies, processes and measures of physical and logical security of the information, as well as regulatory compliance, that the organization holds.

Vulnerability audits

Vulnerability auditing allows you to quickly identify security gaps that may exist in an organization’s infrastructure or systems. We offer this service in two different formats:

On-demand vulnerability audit:
Vulnerability auditing aims to identify, assess, classify, and prioritize application and infrastructure security gaps to provide an assessment of foreseeable threats, potential solutions to those vulnerabilities, and react appropriately.

Continuous vulnerability auditing:
By implementing a virtual machine of our own design in the client’s infrastructure, we can offer a vulnerability monitoring service, which allows us to easily carry out periodic analyses of the organization’s infrastructure and detect more than 50,000 vulnerabilities in systems and applications.

Web security audits

The web is the first digital cover letter of the company, this means that any attack against the organization’s website is a direct attack against its image and reputation. Our team of specialists will perform an audit on your systems, subjecting them to different tests that will allow us to identify possible vulnerabilities or configuration or update problems.

Pentesting / Ethical Hacking

In our Pentesting or Ethical Hacking service, we perform a penetration test to help determine if your system or infrastructure is vulnerable to advanced attacks and if the defences are adequate.


Our penetration test, or Pentesting, is based on an attack on your computer system with the intention of finding security weaknesses, exploiting them and trying to gain access to your infrastructure and information in the same way that an advanced attacker would. We can perform Pentesting in a “white box” format (where all the information on the infrastructure and systems is offered) or black box (where no information is provided).