Mission and values

We are the IT extension of our clients

Mission and values

We are the IT extension of our clients

Our goal is to act as one more area of our clients in clear coincidence of objectives. With our knowledge and commitment, we contribute to the achievement of our client’s challenges.

At NexTReT we are not satisfied with being simple providers. We want to be the IT partner of reference. To achieve this, we are constantly improving: new products, latest technologies, market trends, etc. Sparing no effort in our native pillars: technical certifications, quality methodologies and constant collaboration. Our services increase their value day by day, both personally and professionally, for us and for our clients.

We are a specialized IT solutions and services company. With system solutions, development projects, application performance improvements or managed services, we focus on the technological solutions that add the most value to the needs of our clients. We are in constant contact with manufacturers, start-ups, universities and technological forums that enhance our technological knowledge and allow us to invest in state-of-the-art products and services.

With specific knowledge and global technological vision, we are IT experts at the service of our client.

Our values

Product, Innovation, Technical Reference
How we advance

“We are an innovative company that delve into emerging technical skills, but already proven, with the aim of committing ourselves to our client with optimal solutions that allow us to evolve together. We are specialists in the solutions contained in our catalog”


Customer and Market
How they see us

We serve the technology manager of medium, large and innovative organizations (without sectoral differentiation) who recognizes us for the differential value of all our solutions and for our commitment in the medium term. We aspire to grow as much as possible in the territories we cover.

Production and Quality
How we do it

We fulfill the agreed commitments proactively and communicating with the client so that he has control of what he entrusts to us: this leads to long-term relationships. We adapt our organization, processes, systems and certifications according to the evolution of technology and standards.

Human team

We enhance professional skills to grow in competitiveness and employability. We incorporate external talent whenever it is necessary to have new references. We are a team of high competence, performance and collaboration, informing and aligned with the company, providing solutions to our client.

Profitability, Sustainability and
Social Responsibility – The future

“We grow in a sustained, ambitious and prudent manner, achieving high profitability in all our projects, which guarantees the future of the company. We are committed to organic growth with a desire to stay. We remunerate workers and partners generously but prudently for the success achieved”

Ethical code
Equal Opportunities Plan