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Continuous improvement

At NexTReT, we are completely committed to meeting the requirements of our business activity while pursuing excellence​.

​We've followed this premise ever since we were founded, and it will continue to be a maxim for everyone at the company. It is therefore essential to train our team as highly competent professionals in order to earn the trust and ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Given that our business activity is 100% related to customer service, we have no doubt about either the priority of customer service or our ability to successfully provide it.​

We offer high-availability services, and we protect all our information and that of our clients, therefore complying with controls that protect against losses or unauthorized handling or disclosure. These security levels are based on the controls and objectives established in ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1, information security legislation, the LSSI [Information Society Services Act], and the personal data protection act (LOPD).​

NexTReT has an Integrated Management System that is certified according to the following standards: 

  • ISO 9001 (QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM). Certification obtained in 2006.
    Certification which recognizes that NexTReT is committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. It assures that the offered products and services are the object of quality controls and evaluations established in the certified system. 

  • ISO 27001 (INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS​). Certification obtained in 2010.
    Certification which assures that information security is managed correctly, thereby preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information​. Consult our Security Policy​

  • ISO 20000-1 (IT SERVICE QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS). Certification obtained in​ 2011.
    Certification which demonstrates that the offered IT services comply with the best practices. NexTReT has a framework that helps us to ensure greater control over the proper operation of our services​.

  • ISO 14001 (ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS). Certification obtained in​ 2016.
    Certification which confirms that NexTReT contributes to sustainable development and that its is committed to make its activities more friendly with the environment and assure less impact on it. Consult our Environmental Management System Policy.
    • ​Significance: Design, development, implementation and maintenance of projects in Information Technology and Communications. Provision of technical services in the modalities of Professional Services and Out asking.​​
    • Certified Headquarters: Av. del General Perón, 27, 1st  floor. 28020 Madrid.​​​
  • ​ISO 33000 (QUALITY OF SOFTWARE ​​DEVELOPMENT​ PROCESSES​). Certification obtained in 2020. (Since 2017 certified in the previous ISO 15504 standard).
    Certification which verifies that we meet the maturity level 3 of the software development processes, based on ISO/IEC 12207:2017.​
Consult our Management System Policy at the following link: Management System Policy​

Continuous improvement