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NexTReT (a contraction between "Nexus of Transfer" and "Technology Resources") arose in 1993 as the first engineering start-up of La Salle (Ramon Llull University), with the objective of bringing the university's knowledge to business.

The initial objective was to offer solutions in communications, systems, and base software; in other words, providing the platforms on which business applications are based. This objective continues to be valid today.

During the first five years, we were also responsible for La Salle's tasks at the OTRI (Office for the Transfer of Research Results), therefore acting as the nexus between the university's departments and clients, who were offered projects under a technology transfer scheme.

For the first five years, our location was on the university's campus in difficult but very convenient facilities (wood barracks). We learned a lot during that period, and La Salle's support was essential when we started. The La Salle spirit and our thanks to the institution remain in our DNA

​Now, after more than 20 years, we are a private and solvent Spanish capital company that's here to stay. From our offices in Barcelona and Madrid, we offer services throughout the Spanish territory, and we eventually accompany multinationals wherever they may develop their projects. We total over 280 professionals who are constantly and prudently growing.

NexTReT History