NexTReT and Amazon / Azure cloud services

Plan your migration to the cloud

NexTReT and Amazon / Azure cloud services

Plan your migration to the cloud

NexTReT Cloud services

NexTReT, apart from offering the hosting service for critical environment platforms within its DCP, has its own private cloud from where it provides services to its clients, both from the public sector and private companies.

We also offer the possibility of private network connectivity between our data centre and the public clouds (AWS, and Azure) to offer overflow, contingency and / or productive, safe and reliable solutions that guarantee low latency and a high throughout.

Private network connectivity between our data centre and public clouds

Public Cloud: Amazon / Azure

In recent years, cloud computing has become widespread and more than 90 percent of organizations implement workloads in the public Cloud, according to the most relevant market studies. The Cloud provides many benefits not only to IT departments, but to the organization as a whole.

Initially, the public cloud was seen as a way for companies to reduce computing costs, but today the cloud is unlocking new benefits, including resilience, security, scalability, and especially agility for both IT and business. Companies that have long hoped to simply cut costs are seeing their businesses transform as they increasingly rely on the cloud.

The most relevant characteristics could be summarized in these points:

  • Increase business agility
  • Reduce computing costs
  • Improve security
  • Create new business models

From NexTReT we help you plan your migration to the public cloud. A successful cloud strategy takes into account the impact and implications of cloud computing throughout the organization.

This strategy has to consider the following aspects:

  • Definition of objectives
  • Create a Cloud strategy team
  • Heritage Assessment
  • Definition of strategy for applications and data
  • Data classification
  • Information encryption options
  • Data management options
  • Cloud security
  • Normative compliance
  • Development of a financial plan
  • Organizational change management
  • Establishment of cloud government
+ information Cloud Azure

CSP Azure and Microsoft 365 Services

NexTReT, as a Gold Partner of Cloud Productivity, offers its CSP Azure and Microsoft 365 services as the gateway to the digital transformation of organizations thanks to our capacity and experience and Microsoft subscription services.

We accompany our clients in their digital transformation processes and offer them higher value services at the pace that their business needs it.

The service levels that NexTReT offers to its clients are the following currently
and are in constant improvement and evolution:

Basic Service

  • Management and administration base service for Azure and Microsoft 365 environments
  • Management of the tenant and its subscriptions and assignments
  • Basic incident management
  • Monthly information on roadmap, evolution and monitoring for advice.