Project Description

Implementation of Microsoft Endpoint Manager in Cloud mode 100%.


Endpoint Manager/Intune implementation

The UOC – Open University of Catalonia is an innovative university, rooted in Catalonia and open to the world, which trains people throughout life, contributing to their and society progress. Its educational model is based on the personalization and accompaniment of the student through e-learning.

Yuor need

As a result of the COVID pandemic, the UOC had to reflect strategically and consider new ways of working. Before the pandemic, the UOC worked most of the time at an assigned desk and with a desktop computer, so the leap to teleworking had to be made quickly in order to continue providing their service. The NexTReT team, in close collaboration with the UOC’s IT team, launched 600 new laptops in 3 months. It was a great opportunity to modernize the technology of the UOC work point, now they move to a remote Friendly environment.

Our solution

Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune allows the configuration of several different work scenarios and can be used through a 100% Cloud or hybrid solution. At the UOC, it was decided to implement a 100% Cloud infrastructure, seeking independence from the previous On-prem infrastructure based on SCCM and also seeking very short solution deployment times. Thus, the new equipment that was acquired could be quickly incorporated into the Microsoft Intune control and administration service in parallel to the productive structure.

In a second phase of the project, the devices and applications that were on the SCCM platform were incorporated into Intune, achieving, at the end of the project, that the platform had the new devices acquired and the existing ones, and, eliminating the On-prem classic solution, obtaining native cloud management of the UOC’s Workplace infrastructure.


With the installation of Endpoint Manager, the UOC has real-time knowledge of the status of its Workplace park at the level of security compliance, licensing, patching, compliance, etc.

They know at any time what the real situation of their Workplace park is at the level of installed applications. It has higher speed for new application deployments and PC’s.

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