Project Description

Managed services


Computerized operating and corrective maintenance services

ACN is a public news agency whose mission is to articulate the Catalan communication space, to structure the territory, to contribute to the external projection of the country and to linguistic normalization; be an independent, plural journalistic reference and an engine of innovation. In accordance with its vision, it aspires to be the benchmark news agency in Catalonia, a leader in the publication of its own and research topics, and a model for technological innovation and new journalistic narratives.

Your need

The Agència Catalana de Notícies needs to be able to provide those solutions that improve technical efficiency, the administrative management of contracts and the economic efficiency of current ICT services, as well as those that may be required in the future.

Its objective is to define the operation services of the ACN information and communications systems (ICT), creating and maintaining IT systems with efficiency and quality, ensuring their continuity and providing a technical support service to users of high level of quality and efficiency, in accordance with business requirements, and according to defined service level agreements.

The transformation of the customer service from the current state to the best practices and guidelines set in ITIL and other well-known industry standards to improve the quality of the service in terms of: SLA management, reporting, continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

Our solution

NexTReT has configured a global approach to the service, with the aim of defining, regulating and optimally executing each of the activities carried out, adapting them to the procedures and activities required by ACN. For this reason, the definition of a framework has allowed the coordination of each of these activities during the execution phase.

The solution has been based on the following aspects:

  • In the set of mechanisms and decision-making bodies created for Service Management.
  • In a set of procedures based on good ITIL practices for the management of the ICT Services of the ACN.
  • In the set of tools for the management of the Service, its support and the maintenance of the applications attached to the Service.

The services included in the collaboration project are the following:

  • Helpdesk and Monitoring Service 24 × 7 (N1)
  • Systems Operation and Application Maintenance Service (N2)
  • Administration Service (N3)

In addition, NexTReT has provided the technical resources and service of the team of professionals specialized in the Amazon Web Services Public Cloud for the solution, providing value and experience in maintenance and scalability solutions required by ACN in its virtual environment.


ACN has a flexible customer service with a comprehensive management model adapted to the evolution of demand, efficient, which significantly improves the response time to incidents, queries and requests, having a centralized management system that facilitates the summary of all the requests that are in progress, where they are in the workflow, and who depends on how the request progresses.

NexTReT has provided ACN with a reliable systems infrastructure, which ensures business continuity; in high availability, supporting the case of a total disaster; high performance, to maximize production; and scalable, allowing you to meet future business needs.

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