Project Description

Private cloud solution made up of market leading technologies.

Barcelona de Serveis Municipals

Critical platform hosting and monitoring service

Barcelona Serveis Municipals (B:SM) is a Barcelona City Council company that was created in 2002 with the aim of unifying the provision of municipal services in a single company. Currently, the activities managed by B:SM are varied and range from aspects related to mobility to the management of reference facilities dedicated to culture, leisure and biodiversity.

Your need

Barcelona Serveis Municipals needs to have a new external data center with the maximum guarantees of stability, scalability and projection for the migration of critical services for citizens. The necessary infrastructure for the operation of the service must be provided transparently for B:SM, as well as carrying out the migration of these services in a harmless way for citizens.

The need is determined in being able to offer citizens more stable and quality services, guaranteeing a high level of trust in the services provided.

Our solution

NexTReT proposed a comprehensive solution in order to provide and start up a private cloud service for B:SM, performing its own tasks such as:

  • Infrastructure provisioning.
  • Parameterization and security of this one.
  • Migration of critical services from the initial platform.
  • Provisioning and management of recurring services.
    • Monitoring of infrastructure and services.
    • Monitoring of the user experience at the web level and mobile applications.
    • Backup copies and contingency.
    • Operation N1 y N2.
    • Monitoring and evolution of the project and services.
    • Cloud Computing Services: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

The central axis of the service is articulated in the continuous improvement of processes and tools, guaranteeing standardization under the quality methodology established internally by NexTReT.


B:SM has a private cloud infrastructure under IT market standards with the maximum guarantees of security, scalability and availability that allow it to provide citizens with quality and efficient services as standard.

The infrastructure deployed and the operating service that manages it significantly minimize incidents on the platform by applying standardization and homogenization in ICT management, always under the premises of continuous improvement and quality of services established internally by NexTReT.

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