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​​​​​​​Witch Monitor

Guarantees the best Wi-Fi connection for end users​


Users are finding more and more places to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Nevertheless, certain factors can create a less than satisfactory connection for the end user, such as distance, interferences or the number of people connected to the same network.


Witch Monitor is a solution that monitors Wi-Fi networks and assesses the quality of service offered to end users in real time via independent devices that are connected to the same network. Using a dashboard that displays an objective reading of the main assessed parameters and the network's effectiveness, you can determine the end users' experience.

How does it work?

Several autonomous hardware devices are connected simultaneously to a Hotspot (Internet access point) in order to conduct a series of functional tests whose goal is to simulate and understand the true user experience of those connected to the network.

All recorded data are displayed on a sole dashboard where you can compare historical data and analyse trends. If there are issues with the connection, it allows you to identify their cause (access points, Wi-Fi network parameters, network elements); if there are complaints, you can check the user's service quality data in real time.

What's more, all processed information is stored on the cloud and can be viewed anytime and anywhere. This solution will help you to improve the user experience by notifying you in real time when any anomalies are detected so that you can resolve them quickly.

Who's it for?

This solution is designed specifically for large Wi-Fi networks and/or critical environments.

 Everyone enjoys a good connection - make it possible with Witch Monitor​!

Witch Monitor